Louisiana Sea Grant study should serve as the basis of task force’s work

CCA Louisiana is recommending the Louisiana Legislature create a special task force to address the complex and contentious waterway access issue. After speaking with numerous legislators, we believe this is the next logical step toward reaching a positive resolution to the ongoing issue.

CCA recognizes the importance of the issue, and we believe that anglers should have access to public waterways. Unfortunately, there has been very little progress toward any meaningful solutions to the conflict over the years. But, in 2017, after meeting with fellow legislators, CCA members, anglers, charter captains, landowners and others, Rep. Truck Gisclair of Larose introduced legislation calling for a study of this extremely complicated issue, to be conducted by Louisiana Sea Grant. The final study report, which can be seen here, was made public earlier this year. The extensive 63-page document outlines a number of potential solutions that should be fully explored, and represents the first significant effort at cooperation between conflicting interests.

In light of this effort, CCA Louisiana believes a special task force should be created to address this issue, using the Louisiana Sea Grant report as the starting point for the proposed task force’s work. The task force should consist of stakeholders, legislators, academics and others who would add expertise and perspective to the discussions. The task force could meet regularly to consider the potential solutions presented by the Sea Grant report, and others that may arise, with the goal of identifying possible solutions that are most agreeable and beneficial to all parties.

CCA is at the State Capitol every day working with lawmakers to ensure that our marine resources are conserved and well managed. While CCA appreciates the intentions of Rep. Kevin Pearson and his House Bill 391, and has spoken with him many times since its introduction, the bill was drafted without the benefit of the findings from the Sea Grant study, and without significant input from stakeholder groups. With this in mind, we believe that HB 391, as it is currently written, could have the unintended impact of reversing the positive momentum that has been achieved in the past 18 months. Our understanding is that Rep. Pearson is considering amendments to the bill, and we will continue to work with him and other legislators towards a positive path forward.

Our commitment to CCA members endures: We will remain engaged in this issue and will continue to work with lawmakers, anglers and landowners to find workable and achievable solutions. In the meantime, we invite feedback from CCA members. Please contact CCA Louisiana David Cresson directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..