This is my first time writing for CCA Louisiana, so I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Devin and, like you, I am an avid inshore angler and strong proponent of conservation. That's why I am a member of CCA.

To me, fish like speckled trout and redfish are more than just "fish". They are a valuable resource, but not only for bending rods. I believe the pursuit of these fish improves us as human beings. I know that's kind of far-fetched, so let me explain.

The Pursuit

Back in the day I was all about catching limits and boasting a nice spread of fish.

But years passed and, after catching plenty of limits, I realized it was the pursuit that kept me coming back for more. I knew I could reel in a fish, that was easy. But finding them? That was the real challenge.

This is just one example of how inshore fishing has improved who I am. It gave me a perspective other things failed to create. Inshore fishing has also taught me altruism, patience, serenity and more. I'm better off as a result of it. For me, this means fishing is more than "just fishing". I believe most anglers will grow in the same way, provided they have a similar experience.

This is why I share what I've learned. Not this gooey "more than just fishing" cheerleading, but actual knowledge that helps anglers safely navigate the marsh and catch more fish. My actionable advice really works, and I have the privilege of sharing it here. I hope you take the time to read on.

Fall is Here

The last cold front really dropped the water temperature. Even though it's cooler, the fishing will only heat up!

A type of structure I love to fish is depth changes resulting from islands lost to coastal erosion. They're awesome because I can fish (and catch) in peace while the weekend crowd runs to more obvious locations.

How do I know where to start looking for this kind of structure? After all, I haven't been everywhere at every time across coastal Louisiana. But I go straight to these spots anyways. In this video, I explain how I do it. Click here to watch the video.

It's important you know this video is only one of twenty-two detailing the "Find Awesome Fishing Spots" section of Inshore Fishing 101.

You can learn more at this link.

One More Thing

I am offering a 20% discount to CCA members, just to be sure to use this link.

I've never offered this before, but I know we share similar values and I appreciate that. This is my way of showing that appreciation.


I hope you enjoyed this nugget of inshore knowledge and that it benefits your fishing trips. After all, we can only appreciate fish if we catch them.

Tight lines, y'all.